1993 – The group-project called KLANDESTEIN was created; so far about 20 persons have been involved in its activity.

1993-1995 – during these years the group worked mainly at home.

February 1996 – the radio programme devoted to KLANDESTEIN was broadcast on Radio Kraków

May 1996 – A premiere concert in NO NAME Club, Kraków

1996-2001 – performances in Kraków’s clubs: ŁAŹNIA (including live music played during the show of P.Wegener’s film “Golem”), BURZLIWY PONIEDZIAŁEK, ROENTGEN (during the Extragram Festival), POD JASZCZURAMI, KLUB OTWARTY, CSW SOLWAY, ŻACZEK, and twice in Bronisław Chromy’s Sculpture Gallery (in 1996 and 2000)

1999 – Piotr Grzesik’s (Peter Gressick's) first solo album “Feary Tales” released by amorpha music production, Kraków 1999. In June 2000 it was presented by the Polish Radio (very popular Program III).

April 2000 – The Artistic Club at the TAM Gallery was opened at Ulica Jagiellonska 11 in Kraków. Up till now KLANDESTEIN has given there many concerts (also combined with film shows, e.g. S.Eisenstein’s “Ivan the Terrible”)

October 2000 – Piotr Grzesik’s (Peter Gressick's) second solo album - “Melanhole” -  amorpha music production, Kraków 2000.

April 2001 – KLANDESTEIN’S album “Planet Tiger” -  amorpha music production, Kraków 2001. It was presented in July 2002 by Henryk Palczewski in his programme on Radio Sto.

July 2001 – the first Internet site has been established: www.ha.art.pl/klandestein

August 2001 – KLANDESTEIN’s art was extensively described and presented in Ha!art magazine nr 2(7)2001.

Summer 2001 – Selected pieces from “Planet Tiger” were made accessible in the Internet: look here (it is worth mentioning that the piece “Thrill O’Beat” (nr 2 on the disc) reached the number 6 in "Wirtualna Polska" MP3 HITS LIST- alternative music category, on 31 October 2001 - look here)

August 2001 – The beginning of Klandestein’s collaboration with Requiem Records; the piece entitled “Spacebowls” created together with NEMESIS, was prepared for the album “City Songs” presenting mostt important bands and personages of contemporary Polish independent music – realesed in December 2001.

August 2001 – the co-operation with an American recording company Falcata-Galia Recordings/Transparency; an album “Planet Tiger” will have been released by this label - look here.