Dear Piotr!

Thank You very much for Your parcel with CD. Several hours ago I got

it from the local post office in perfect conditions. I have already

listened to Your music & found it very interesting. Hope to broadcast

Your CD in one of our October-November radio-programs.

Also I want to inform You that now I'm working on organizing the

first International Festival of Electronic & Electroacoustic Music in

Russia. This festival will take place in St. Petersburg in summer during

"white nights" period (somewhere in the middle of June-very beginning of

July) & last 7 days. Hope it'll be interesting for You to participate in


By the way I'll be very grateful to You if You could spread the word

about this event among other artists whom You know. I need support from

all musicians. I'm going to invite as much people as I could. Among

them: Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Rick Wakeman, Hans-Joachim Roedelius,

Dieter Moebius, Karl-Hainz Stockhausen, Larry Fast, Ron Boots, Francis

Dhomont, Vidna Obmana, Francis Faber, Gianluigi Gasparetti, Charles

Bestor, Garry De Bendetto, Konrad Boehmer, John Palmer, Carl Stone,

Mario Schonwalder, Francesco Galante, Jose Mataloni, Christopher De

Laurenti, Mick Garlick, “Iconoclast”, Phillip B. Klingler, Peter

Frohmader, “McLean Mix”, Jean-Luc Berthelot, Alan & Steven Freeman, Tom

Habes, Donna Kelly Eastman, Danny Budts, Richard Bone, “Postprandials”,

Mathias Grassow, Steve Roach, Jorge Antunes, Geert Verbecke, Wayne

Siegel, Guillermo Casenave, Chris Arrell, Rudiger Lorenz, Bruce

Atchinson, Key Ransone, Andrzej Dudek-Durer, Keith Stewart, Mark Vigil,

Jon Dobie, Robin Julian Heifetz, Roderick de Man, Vivian Rudow, Robert

Carl, Steve Roden, Pascal Dusapin, Rudiger Gleisberg, Arie Shapira, Jeff

Grienke, “Elektrum”, Ruddy A. Carrera, Luigi Pestalozza, Amnon Wollman,

Peeter Vahi, Anatans Jasenka, Mark Jenkins, Jukka Ruohomaki, Dennis

Bathory-Kitsz, Graham Bowers, Ricardo Del Farra, Sten Hanson,

“Klangkrieg”, Andrew Poppy, Eric Snelders, Matt Russell, Mariam Tally,

Nina Colosi, Claire Laronde, John Denzene, “Morphogenesis”, Robert Ehle,

Vladimir Sumrach, David Petts, Serge Blenner, John Wynne,

Alexandro Vinao, Pete Stollery, Artur Lason, “Selektion”, Robert

Nasveld, Kjartan Olaffson, Michiharu Matsunaga, Rodrigo Sigal, Rudy

Adrian, Adolfo Nunez, Askild Haugland, Rolf Enstrom, Orlando Jacinto

Garcia, Chris Snidow, Robert E. Carl.

Hope everything will be OK. Now we're speaking with the government,

finding sponsors of this event, collecting all necessary papers, etc &

I'll be very grateful to You if You could send me a letter where You

must write that You want to take part in this Festival & write some

words about my activity & how it's necessary to make such an event in

Russia. This must be a letter of participation form one hand & a letter

of support from the other. Same letters I need from every musician who

is going to participate in this event. In case if You think that other

composers are interested in such an event, then please re-sent them this


All I want from You is some kind of recommendation letter & a letter

of support which could help me in organizing this event. Please send it

to me in 2 copies: one via e-mail, a second one as a letter via


Hope to hearing from You soon,

Yours truly,

Artemiy Artemiev