Od: laub-records <laub-records@gmx.de>

Do: klandestein Grzesik <wintron@wp.pl>

Temat: some laub words

Data: 19 stycznia 2002 15:25

hey again piotr,

hope your ok?! sorry for the short silence between - all these things to do in life - life could be so comfortable without the need for earning money.

but finally today some words about your, i know it took a while, but i´m sure you want more than only a word like "great" or "nice." dont ask what i expected when i listened it for the first time - the opener soundz very promising with its long melodique tones together with this kind of buzzing into the background, after a while the combination with vocals, first i thought would be a technical effect but its real vocal. the second reminds a little bit on tho so aa (from germany) on his latest release (absorb cd on art konkret) he uses too walls of sounds in a combination with sample rhythm, i´m not sure how you made the sound, but for me listen like a bird?!

3rd turns more darker and seems to introduce an other side of kladestein, at least for me there is a difference in sound to hear, with this vocals reminds me a little on ataraxia (latest release i guess out in cold meat industry). although my taste went away from musique like ataraxia made and still make - i think this track is the best of the cd - but why its so damn short? ;o) especially the voice made the track unique, quite mirakle and a little disharmonique, but combined with the flowing soundz behind can make a human like addicted for it!

4rth reminds again of ataraxia and nick cave, believe or not he made a track called "the carny" its at least in my ears comparable to yours in a way.

5th and 6th its like a soundtrack with combination of electroacoustique´s - and its another form to make me addicted

7th/ 8th maybe you think i will fed up you only with compliments - but know some sad words, my ears dont like to listen folk-musique-like rhythm. into the seventh the piano sounds really good!

the last track sounds again in a form i like to listen for thousand times.

how to resume it at all? mmh? you described at best as zombient, a kind of musique never known before and i listen tons of different musique since a few years!

but what can i propose for the moment? i´m not sure about - maybe you can tell me all your ideas? how ever about your ideas - laub-records its involved for the next month (probably till april) with releasing some artist. the only thing i can betray is one will be "telepherique," the other its still a secret - so means that if we´ll find a way together we can start earliest in may.

so but know i´m stolen enough of your time. please let me know your opinion about the lines above.


n.gangnus / laub

ps: did i say my point of view about your cd as clear as possible? not? ok! its a very fine release unable to put it into standartized categories, actually filled with elements i dont like to listen (singing!) misteriously it makes me understanding the musique and make me find the "entry" to this kind of musique.> i like very!