Hello to Piotr, Marzena (and all collaborators):

My name is Michael Sheppard and I do the label

called Transparency that manufactures and

co-releases all of Rudy Carrera's Falšata-Galia CDs.

I love your "Planet Tiger" CD -- Rudy brought it to me

last night. I listened to it twice all the way through.

Your music is wonderful to listen to at night. I would

love to hear it outdoors! It makes me feel peaceful, yet

mysterious and even like an out-of-body experience.

I am very happy we are to release your CD! I hope

we can keep the same package design as well.

I intend to sell the CD to record shops, and also to

"new age" book shops -- although, please forgive me

-- to refer to your music as "new age" would be an

insult to its unique feeling and personality.

By the way, my blood is mostly Polish and Latvian.

Looking forward to working with you.

Please write back at your convenience.

Best regards,

Michael / Transparency